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SOJOURN (Delicious Again Peter X Ali Hoff)

SOJOURN (Delicious Again Peter X Ali Hoff)

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As his name suggests, Sojourn doesn't stay in one place for too long.
Whether it's endless otherworldly deserts or the streets of retro inspired scifi cities, Sojourn is always searching for his next destination.

Some say he's an explorer, others a wanderer or perhaps he's just lost.

For the past year or so Ali Hoff has been creating a strange world through various artworks and as well as the still images , He hopes to bring this world to life through animations or a game one day.

SOJOURN - A collaboration between Delicious Again Peter and AlI Hof

Resin figure, hand painted in acrylics Adult collectible,  designed to remain in packaging.Each figure is signed and numbered 

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